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Roof cleaning services

Deciding to have your roof professionally cleaned is a big decision, it is very easy to be convinced to have your roof cleaned for the wrong reasons and the wrong way.

If you ever see someone pressure washing someone’s roof, look at the colour of the water that is running off the tiles, it will normally have a red tint from red tiles. Whatever they say that is the top coat of the tiles de-laminating.

It is possible to softwash a roof or scrape the moss off and with a biocide chemical, to kill the moss and algae that remains. The result is a clean roof and no potential water damage from high pressure washing methods.

Kardos Cleaning favour mild scraping to remove large moss particles and to spray the roof with a quality professional moss and algae killer like AlgoClear Pro or similar chemicals.

From experience that is the least invasive method and the least likely to cause any tile damage, minor roof repairs that might have gone unnoticed can be rectified by us once the roof is clean, saving a fortune on a new roof.