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 Render Cleaning Service

Has your render become an embarrassment? Is there more discoloration every year? Do you want it to look clean again? Kardos Cleaning have the solution, why repaint when you can clean at a fraction of the cost.

Transform your Render

Over the year’s coloured render gets dirty, it has been sold often as maintenance free, the truth is it needs cleaning. There are many types of discoloration on render or k-rend wall coatings that are unsightly and can ruin the look of your property.

Don't wait for the damage

Moss, algae and pollution are the main culprits that are ruining your once gleaming building. We have the means to remove the signs of weathering that have occurred. The red, pink staining on the walls is an algae, the green is mould or moss that we can remove with our cleaning processes.

render cleaning

Render Cleaning correct procedures

The black is usually carbon pollution and the rest is airborne dirt, again this is removed with our operatives understanding of the types of staining and the correct procedures to remove different discolorations.

One of the most satisfying parts of this job is the clients faces when they see their properties looking fantastic, after all algae, moss, mould, carbon and dirt are history.

Stone window sills are given a new lease of life when we clean them, it is one area that some companies overlook but for us it is all part of the overall render clean.

Some of our Render Cleaning Works

Why choose Kardos Cleaning?

We use a variety of cleaning techniques to clean the building, soft washing, chemical and super heated steam.

Our Torik steam cleaning system, heats water up to 150 degrees and due to its low water use does not damage the render.

We have seen people jet washing and pressure washing render to remove the marks, this is more likely to remove or damage the render!

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