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Patio and Driveway Cleaning

Pressure washing services

Need your driveway, patio, paving, swimming pool or any other exterior surface cleaned, Kardos Cleaning can clean it. Slippery paths, moss and weed covered block paving, green patios can all be given a new life with professional our pressure washing, jet washing, power washing equipment, lots of names same job!


The first task when quoting is to identify the type of stone that you have, that tells us the type of cleaning that we will recommend. Indian Sandstone, York Stone, block paving, granite, marble, concrete, tarmac, natural or man-made all have different methods in their cleaning approach.

Professional Pressure

At Kardos we have professional pressure washers capable of up to 3000 psi (a domestic machine is about 100 psi). Up to is very important as we can alter the pressure and the type of lance for different exterior surfaces. We also we have a Torik Steam Cleaner (super heated water) which is excellent at cleaning soft and fragile stonework.

Kardos Cleaning Chemicals use:

We also use sympathetic chemicals to kill algae and mould on paving, pressure washing without chemical could not remove the black spots that are seen on paving stones, knowing the right chemicals to use and the right strength is the key to a clean driveway, pristine patio, slip free path and perfect play areas.

Have you ever wondered about the white spots on your paved areas? It’s nothing to do with birds flying above, but is an algae. The more you have growing, the cleaner your air quality as it grows best in clean air.

Some of our Pressure Washing Works

At Kardos Cleaning all our staff are fully trained and work to the Kardos Cleaning Method:

Clean, Chemical, Check and Rinse.

Firstly, we Clean the surface normally using a turbo lance (spinning water in pressure washer nozzle)

Secondly, we apply chemical at the right mixture and in the right places if needed.

Thirdly, we check to see if we need to apply chemical, an extra clean or both

Lastly, we rinse the surface and all plants, grass, buildings that have been splashed in the clean. Then we clean all the windows, doors etc. If it is block paving, we come back when dry to resand.

We have cleaned 1000’s upon 1000’s of square metres of every type of exterior surface and consider ourselves experts in this field. With a free quotation, you can see for yourselves that we know our business!

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