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    Specialists in Commercial & Domestic Cleaning Services

Commercial and Domestic Cleaning in England

We provide fantastic results for your Commercial Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning needs. From Builders Cleaning and Sparkle Cleaning, through all aspects of exterior building cleaning. The list of our areas of expertise includes Render Cleaning, Patio Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning, Cladding Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Commercial Window Cleaning, the list goes on and on.

Experience and Knlowledge

We provide the experience, knowledge and hard work that can transform your buildings looks, safety and by removing dirt, algae, moss, graffiti, stains, carbon deposits, virtually anything you can imagine or would rather not, you can extend the life of your building or paving or any exterior surface.

Fully Trained Staff

A huge area of Kardos Cleaning expertise is providing a full Builders Cleaning service. The knowledge gained over years by our fully trained staff gives the superb results demanded by our clients.

All exterior surfaces professionally cleaned
Super Heated water brick cleaning and restoration
Cladding and UPVC cleaning and restoration
Render cleaning
Builders Cleaning and Sparkle cleaning
Gutter clearing and Gutter cleaning
Commercial and window cleaning – pure water and traditional method
Roof cleaning – moss and algae removal
Driveways and paving cleaned and restored
Pressure washing for all exterior surfaces and much more!
  • Experience

    Kardos have worked from the smallest extensions, through £15m private houses to multi-million pound building developments. No job is too small or too big. Another area that requires our experience and expertise is pressure washing. This term is widely used by people using a ‘jet washer’ at home, but the machinery used by Kardos Cleaning is all professional cleaning equipment and has a variety of pressures to tackle the most stubborn green patio and the softest stone that needs gently cleaning.

  • Results

    Customers are pleased with the results and the new look paving or driveway that we can achieve. Why replace when you can clean at a fraction of the cost. Blocked gutters are a nuisance and can cause a lot of problems to buildings. The green algae on your wall from the dripping gutter or just the green gutter, Kardos Cleaning can clear and clean with our Vacuum Gutter System. A full UPVC Clean can make your house sparkle again and for people selling their properties can add thousands and improve its roadside smile!

  • Render & Cladding

    We are experts in Render Cleaning and Cladding Cleaning, removing dirt and algae to make the property look new again. The warm winters and wet summers have aided the growth of algae on walls and other exterior surfaces. Have you ever wondered what that pink or red tint was to a rendered wall?

  • Washing Types

    Over the years we’ve been told that it’s various things, from brick dust to roof tiles dripping, but it is an algae that grows on the wall and is more visible when the wall is wet. Because of the softness of rendered walls we do not recommend traditional pressure washing but a mixture of softwashing, steam and chemicals to remove and restore the building to its former glory.

*We can use super heated water or a range of chemicals to remove dirt that you thought would never come out.

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